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    Terms and Conditions.

1. On agreeing to take driving lessons from Excel and/or purchasing our services or products and/or contracting to provide us with goods or services, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Excel reserves the right to alter or amend the Terms and Conditions, fees and requirements. It is your responsibility to clarify any points that are vague or not understandable to you

2. Driving lesson fees are payable in advance, at the latest on the day of the lesson. You agree to; receive driving lessons from an instructor franchised to us or pre-approved by Excel School of Motoring.

3. We will not disclose or use any information provided to us to any third parties. When a student provides us with the necessary information that is needed to make bookings on their behalf the student accepts that we need to disclose this information to the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) and the relative authorities to enable us to act as the agent for the student.

4. The student acknowledges and accepts that we may use our address and details on behalf of the student. The student accepts that our appointment as agent authorises us to act as the full legal representative of the student as far as the DSA and DVLA are concerned. The student also agrees and fully authorises us that we have the right to book tests, (theory and or practical driving tests) cancel tests and move tests on behalf of the student at our sole discretion.

5. If a guardian, parent, partner, brother or sister provides us with information in regard to a student, instructs us or makes payment on behalf of a student they agree to be jointly and severally liable, and accept these terms and conditions as applicable to themselves and the student. Instructions given by guardians, parents, partners or direct associates, concur that they have the necessary authority to act on behalf of the student and incur liability and acceptance of our terms and conditions upon themselves and the student

6. A clear two working days notice is required for cancellation of a lesson or lessons, which should be made DIRECTLY to your instructor. If the required notice is not provided, you will be held liable for the said lessons, cancelled or not attended without the prerequisite notice. If you cancel a pre-paid driving lesson without the required notice, your account will be debited with the cancelled lesson fees. Instructors have to book space in their Diary for your lessons AND you are employing a professional driving consultant for the time set aside.

6a.Once the instructor has locked in a continuous length of bookings with a pupil( or anyone acting on behalf of a candidate )ie. Intensive courses, these lessons cannot be terminated as a whole entity.

7. A cancellation fee of 7% and any costs that have been incurred in the form of bookings and administration fees is payable on all intensive Courses cancelled after booking the same. The cancellation invoice will reflect the fees incurred in as far as bookings and administration fees that have been incurred by the work done for the client and a further 7% of the cost of the cancelled course.

8. If a block booking is cancelled a cancellation fee of 7% is payable on the value of the Lessons paid for under the block booking and not on the discounted value of the Block booking. If any of the lessons that fall within the block booking have been completed they are charged at the original fee rate and not at the reduced rate average of the block booking.

9. The Instructor’s reserve the discretion to enforce, waiver or amend the cancellation charges and fees.

10. All clients, students, and instructing agents agree unconditionally that on default of any payment due in terms of Excel School of Motoring's ‘Terms and Conditions’, they will carry and be liable for all administrative and legal costs for the recovery of outstanding debts.

11. The student agrees that Excel may publish any photographs or videos that have been taken by its instructors. These photographs and videos become the exclusive possession of Excel. The photographs and videos so captured will be used for our internet promotion only.

12. Please note that Free evaluation lessons are subject to you having signed up for a full course with ourselves

13. The number of hours for the courses as mentioned on our pages are recommendations only and should be used as guide lines for students to determine the extent and length of the course they require. The number of hours recommended are for the average student and have been determined from past experience and careful consideration of industry averages. The courses are not a Guaranteed Pass course. We will do everything in our power for the student to be enabled to attend and sit his agreed driving test.

14. The Instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the driving school car for the driving test, if the pupil has not reached a satisfactory standard of driving competence.

15. Our tuition cars are smoke free, dual controlled vehicles properly registered and licensed.

  • Banstead
  • Berrylands
  • Cheam
  • Epsom
  • Esher
  • Ewell
  • Hampton
  • Hinchley Wood
  • Kingston
  • Long Ditton
  • Merton
  • Morden
  • Motspur Park
  • New Malden
  • Stoneleigh
  • Surbiton
  • Sutton
  • Thames Ditton
  • Tolworth
  • Wimbledon
  • Worcester Park






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Driving Schools Lessons Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton

We offer taylored driving lessons to suit each individuals needs. Nervous pupils are welcome and are trained by patient instructors to become confident drivers. Learn to drive with confidence with DSA approved driving instructors.

Pass Plus Driving Lessons Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton

Pass Plus driving lessons, a programme of instruction for newly qualified drivers to improve their driving skills and safely widen their driving experience are available.

Intensive Driving Courses Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton

Driving Schools offering driving schools driving lessons. Driving schools driving lessons can also be taken in Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton.
Pass Plus driving lessons, a programme of instruction for new drivers to improve their driving skills and safely widen their driving experience available.
If you wish to take driving schools lessons in Sutton Teddington or Thames Ditton please contact us to book your driving lesson.

Driving Schools instructors Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton

We suggest a 2 hour driving lesson to practice reading road signs in a busy town centre like Sutton. The one way system in Teddington town centre has pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and filter lanes past Thames Ditton Station needing care and constant observation at all times. Having driven round the one way system driving up Teddington Hill you will need to do a few hill starts at the traffic lights and observe the bus lanes. At the top of the hill you enter Thames Ditton Village. A popular collection of shops and coffee bars. Your driving instructor in Sutton will guide you round the mini islands to Teddington Common. Here you can reverse park your car and review your driving lessons in Thames Ditton and examine any problems. From Sutton Common drive down Britannia Avenue to the Teddington where there are a number of quite roads to practice different manouvres. Your driving instructor in Thames Ditton will talk through your driving lesson and any issues which may need more practice during your next driving lessons in Surrey.

Areas covered include Banstead Berrylands Cheam Epsom Esher Ewell Hampton Hinchley Wood Kingston Long Ditton Merton Morden Motspur Park New Malden Petersham Richmond Stoneleigh Surbiton Sutton Teddington Thames Ditton Tolworth Wimbledon Worcester Park