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Excel School of Motoring

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Worcester Park Surrey.


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Welcome to Excel School of Motoring

Professional driving instructors approved by the driving standards agency.

Driving schools Banstead | Driving lessons Banstead

Professional reliable driving instructors approved by the driving standards agency.
Excel Driving Schools offer driving schools driving lessons in Banstead, Berrylands, Epsom, Esher and Worcester Park. Driving schools driving lessons. can also be taken in Ewell and Hampton.

Driving schools Berrylands | Driving lessons Berrylands

Pass Plus driving lessons, a programme of instruction for new drivers to improve their driving skills and safely widen their driving experience available.

Driving schools Epsom | Driving lessons Epsom

If you wish to take driving schools lessons in Banstead, Berrylands, Epsom, Esher please contact us.
Driving schools instructors in Banstead must meet the extremely high standards demanded by the Driving Standards Agency. Driving school instructors in Berrylands must display either a pink or green badge on their windscreen. The pink badge is for a Potential Driving Instructor (PDI) which indicates that a trainee has passed the first two of three exams required for qualification. This is valid for a period of six months. The green badge is for an Approved Driver Instructor (ADI) which indicates that an instructor in Epsom has passed their third and final exam and is no longer a trainee and has become a fully qualified instructor. This is valid for a period of four years at a time. Failure of a driving schools instructor in Esher to display a badge or be operating with an expired badge could lead to a warning letter from the Driving Standards Agency or an arrest under the Road Traffic Act/Fraud Act.
For more information on choosing a driving instructor please visit: DVLA. Choosing an instructor

Driving schools Esher | Driving lessons Esher

You must have a driving licence before you can start learning to drive on UK roads. This section tells you what you need to know about driving licences and how to get further help if required. Driving licences are issued in the UK by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). As a learner driver, the type of licence you need is called a "provisional licence". To apply for any driving licence, including a provisional one, you need two forms - D1 Application for a driving licence and D750 Application for a photocard licence, available together at most post offices. You cannot legally drive on public roads until you have received your provisional licence.


Professional Driving schools in Worcester Park and covering many areas within Surrey. We are a driving school designed to prepare people of all ages and abilities to reach their goals.


Whether that be the first time learner, the part trained driver, those needing pass plus tuition, motorway, advanced driver training & intensive driving lesson courses - We are here to provide progressive driver training.



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  ***Ask about our all inclusive intensive courses*** 

Congratulations to twins Sopie & Grace Wakefield of Claygate who passed their tests within a day of each other.

A Heart-felt congratulations to Adam Vernon-Ward of Epsom who proves that a test pass can be achieved at any age!

Well done to mates George Page and Joel Quaye of Worcester Park who passed their test First time and within a week of each other.

Laura Hallahan one of our grade A students from East Ewell walked through the syllabus to test success!!

A real Pleasure training both James Davies & Michelle Le Blanc of Richmond , Stay safe...




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EXCEL SCHOOL OF MOTORING ... Taking care of your success!


Take the risk out of finding a good driving instructor: you will be accompanied / trained by a fully qualified Government (Driving Standards Agency) - Approved Driving Instructor.


We are a professional, prompt, courteous, and patient driving school.


Driving lessons for beginners are structured for maximum development with proven results.

Where possible, we also consider short notice tests.


  • Free Theory Training - CD ROMs' use and mock tests.
  • Pass Plus Registered
  • Motorway Training
  • Manual dual controlled cars
  • Discounts for 12 hour block bookings
  • Intensive courses available (prior notice required)


Driving School lessons Banstead, Berrylands, Epsom, Esher


  • 21.00 FOR 12 HOUR BLOCKS TOTAL 252.00
  • * Terms and Conditions apply


For a quote on Pass Plus and motorway lessons please call 0208 408 1010

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Professional driving instructors approved by the driving standards agency.

Driving instructors Banstead

Pass Plus is an advanced driver training course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to make newly qualified drivers become better drivers. Pass Plus can also give drivers a number of other benefits, such as cheaper motor insurance. The scheme consists of six modules, which follow on from a successful practical driving test. The modules take a minimum of six hours to complete. You will have to reach a set standard for each module - a module can take just one lesson or sometimes more. When the required standard for a module is reached, your instructor will sign and date the section as completed. If you are interested in Pass Plus driving tuition please Contact Us

Driving instructors Berrylands

Your driving instructor lessons in Banstead are designed to teach you the practical skills of driving a car around Berrylands and Epsom and to understand the Highway Code. Driving lessons will teach you to drive safely on different types of roads and weather conditions. Your driving instructor will give you a simple eye test asking you to read a number plate on a parked car some distance away.
Your driving instructor will explain Show Me and Tell Me questions the driving test examiner may ask.
Your instructor will teach you how to reverse around a corner, turn in the road and reverse park your car. There are a number of quite side roads in Esher to practice these manoeuvres.

Driving instructors Epsom

It is easier learning to drive in an automatic car as there is no clutch pedal. Automatic cars have only 2 foot pedals, a gas pedal to go and a brake pedal to stop. As for the gears well the simple explanation is that once you have placed the gear lever in 'Drive' it will select the best gear for the speed and task, leaving you to concentrate on the road ahead. Many people find that by taking automaic driving lessons they can pass the DSA driving test quicker than in a manual car, saving time and money! Why not try a single lesson to see what driving an automatic car is like? Call us today and we will book your automatic driving lesson with a friendly and patient automatic driving instructor.

Driving instructors Esher

We suggest a 2 hour driving lesson to practice reading road signs in a busy town centre like Banstead. The one way system in Berrylands town centre has pedestrian crossings, traffic lights and filter lanes past Epsom Station needing care and constant observation at all times. Having driven round the one way system driving up Esher you will need to do a few hill starts at the traffic lights and observe the bus lanes. At the top of the hill you enter Banstead Park. A popular collection of shops and coffee bars.Your driving instructor will guide you round the mini islands to Berrylands Bridge. Here you can reverse park your car and review your driving lesson and examine any problems. From there drive down Britannia Avenue to Epsom where there are a number of quite roads to practice different manouvres. Your driving instructor will talk through your driving lesson and any issues which may need more practice during your next driving lessons in Esher.

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